O.C. Boat Club

The Old Cranbrookians’ Boat Club (OCBC) offers old boys the opportunity to row (sculling only at present) at the Michael (Mick) Grace Boat Shed in Rose Bay on Tuesday (8.00 am) and Thursday mornings (6.00 am and 8 am).

Each session is accompanied by a coach to maximize the benefit and safety for members. The club also welcomes novices with learn to row courses being held at various times during the year.

By joining the OCBC, you also become a member of the Cranbrook Master Rowers. The OCBC supports rowing at Cranbrook and any surplus raised during the year from rowing and/or social functions is donated to the School.

Membership fees
Rowing sessions
Annual subscription: $100 Tuesday mornings: 8 am
Rowing session: $15 Thursday mornings (two sessions): 6 am and 8 am

For further information, please contact:    

Beau Roberts 0438 717 980 or beau.roberts@jbwere.com

Anthony Lees 0414 909 665 or alees@lees.com.au