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John Lyras (2014) has qualified for the Australian Open. He was Captain of Cricket at school but always preferred golf. Having recently spent some time England, John is putting in his all ahead of the upcoming Australian Open. Good luck to John!
Posted: 21 November, 2017
UPDATE 11 - 16/11/17 The Wolgan Campus has been handed over from the builder to the School with an Occupation Certificate granted by Lithgow Council granted at the end of October. Already we have had twelve staff undertake a residential remote first aid training course on site...
Posted: 16 November, 2017
  Cranbrook and St Catherine’s have combined for an exciting music tour (Italy, Slovenia and Austria) taking place at the end of the term with over 70 students participating. There are several highlight concerts and we invite any members of our school communities visiting...
Posted: 23 October, 2017
Andrew Blanch (2009) has been making a splash in recent years with frequent concertising, a slew of competition prizes and widespread success of his debut CD Spanish Guitar Music. Soundboard Magazine (USA) called Spanish Guitar Music "one of the best debut albums I've ever heard...
Posted: 22 October, 2017