HSC Student Nomination

Posted: 15 December, 2017

Find below the information released by the school about recent HSC student nominations.




Artexpress is an annual exhibition of exemplary artworks created by Visual Arts HSC students. Nominations are selected from around 9,500 Visual Arts candidates work state-wide.

The following students were nominated for Artexpress, 2017:


Leopold Balaz-Issa for his Designed Objects, Wallamullah (Place of Beauty)

Benjamin Langsam for his resin and wire sculptures, Family Portrait

Michael Orfanos for his series of large scale photographic portraits, Identity


OnSTAGE is a presentation and exhibition of group and individual performances and projects by HSC Drama students.

In another successful and inspiring year for HSC Drama at Cranbrook, the boys delivered some stellar performances for their Group and Individual performances, as well as generally achieving very high marks for their Individual Projects.

The following students were nominated for OnSTAGE, 2017:

John Tsakiris, Chris Xureb, Peter Milios and Oska Purcell for their Group Performance.

Chris Xureb for his Individual Performance.

Liam Slabber for his Director’s Folio.

Finn McGrath for his film, Time Blind.

Finn’s film Time Blind has been selected for inclusion in Writers OnSTAGE and he has been invited to attend the special VIP performance in February.


ENCORE is a program of outstanding performances and compositions by students from the HSC Music examinations.

The following students were nominated for ENCORE, 2017:

Jack North (Music 1)

Liam Slabber (Music 1)

Matthew Gerrard (Music 2 and Music Extension)

Jack North’s original Music 1 composition ‘Ephemeral Worlds’ was selected for performance at next year’s ENCORE performances at the Sydney Opera House in February. This is the second consecutive year that we have had a composition nomination selected in the Encore concert and reflects the thriving composition pathways being pursued by boys at Cranbrook.


The Shape exhibition features a selection of exemplary Major Projects from HSC Design and Technology students:

The following student was nominated for Shape, 2017:

Benjamin Brennan.

Benjamin’s Design Brief: Design and create an automatic, personal locator beacon (PLB) trigger system to use whilst mountain biking that alerts emergency services in situations where the rider may be left seriously injured and immobile.

The solution: The carbon fibre, safety beacon system utilises an Arduino coded, pressure sensing, bike grip that incorporates a series of staged alerts, visible LEDS and an alarm. After 2 minutes, if not deactivated, “Stack” will activate the PLB via a solenoid, alerting emergency services of a bike rider’s crash.


InTech is an exhibition of outstanding Major Projects from HSC Industrial Technology students.

The following student was nominated for InTech, 2017: 

Jean-Claude Zust 

Jean-Claude’s project: A Grandfather Clock. 

The immaculately finished Sapele, Mahogany grandfather clock uses an intricate range of joining techniques including biscuit, dowel, lap, mitre and rebate joints in its flawless construction. Finished with shellac, intricate mouldings and brass fittings, this piece is sure to be a true family heirloom.