2017 HSC Results

Posted: 15 December, 2017

Below is the information released by the school about the 2017 HSC results for your interest.

It is with great pleasure that I report on the academic achievement of the Class of 2017.  A very pleasing improvement across our non-selective candidature has been achieved through hard work, dedication and commitment from all students and staff. On the Sydney Morning Herald’s school ranking system, Cranbrook has placed 41st, up from 55th in 2016. The Sydney Morning Herald determines their school ranking list by dividing the number of Band 6 (90%+) HSC results by the total number of examinations sat by students in schools. This year’s percentage of 29.7% Band 6 results is Cranbrook’s highest ever ratio.

Further detailed analysis will take place as we receive full information over the weeks and months to come.



Liam Slabber has placed outright first in the state in English Extension 1 out of a candidature of nearly 4,500, and 2nd in the state in Music 1. George Weston has placed equal first in the state for Mathematics General out of a candidature over nearly 32,000.  Benjamin Brennan has placed 3rd in Design and Technology. These are outstanding individual achievements. Below is the full list of boys that have placed in the state:  

Liam Slabber – Outright 1st in in the state in English Extension 1, and 2nd in the state in Music 1                           

George Weston – Equal 1st in the state in Mathematics General

Benjamin Brennan – 3rd in the state in Design and Technology

Christian Saunders – 5th in the state in Modern History 

Charlie Fine – 6th in the state in Modern History 

Thomas Lamens – 15th in the state in Modern History 

Dylan Gardiner – 20th in the state in Modern History


Students who are eligible for this list gained 90% or better in 10 or more HSC units.  This year thirteen boys achieved a place on this prestigious list, up from five students in 2016. Below is the list of boys on this year’s All Round Achievers list:

Alexander Cunio, Julian Heath, Thomas Lamens, Aaron Meyer, Jack North, Christian Saunders, Liam Slabber, Tobias Tasker, Nikolas Ternezis, James Walker, Daniel Wang, Hunter Wardman and Finbar Watson.


Students must score 90% or above in a subject to receive a merit (top band result) and be named on the Distinguished Achievers List.  Cranbrook boys gained 274 merits in total, including 64 in all Mathematics courses, and 37 in English Advanced, which makes up nearly 28% of our candidature in this course.  We have 107 students in total being placed on the Distinguished Achievers List in at least one subject.  

65% of Cranbrook Students received a merit this year.

Below is the full list of students that are named on the 2017 Distinguished Achievers List:

Matthew Abelev, Alexander Antonelli, Philip Arndt, Emeil Aroney, Liam Baildon, Joshua Bailey, Rosie Bassett, Julio Betar, Thomas Brand, Benjamin Brennan, Jake Broekhuizen, Will Cahill, Richard Chalik, Inigo Cole, Charles Crammond, Alexander Cunio, Gardner Dowling, James Drielsma, Thomas Edwards, Charlie Fine, Nelson Fishlock, Sam Folden, Conor Fyfe, Dylan Gardiner, Matthew Gerrard, Andrew Glastras, Thomas Goodman, Albert Greaves, Noah Harris, Harry Hart, Benjamin Harvey, Julian Heath, Nathaniel Henty Brown, Conor Hinds, Edward Hootman, Jared Horn, Julian Hovenden, Jason Howe, Lewis Hutcheon, Edward Jewell-Tait, Max Kanuk, Joseph Kelly, Sean Kwek, Thomas Lamens, Benjamin Langsam, Nicholas Langsworth, Thomas Lee, Blake Lees, Matthew Lewin, Oscar Lim-Strachan, David Loewy, Adam Ma, Daniel MacCulloch, Jayden Maisel, Jordan Maples, Fergus Martin, Daniel Merson, Aaron Meyer, Peter Milios, Alexander Morris-Mikado, Ajay Murugasu, Jack North, Michael Orfanos, Fionn Parker, Asha Phillips, Maximillan Pinnegar, Harry Plater, Oska Purcell, Taje Rastogi, Garth Reynolds, Harry Round, Noah Sant, Christian Saunders, James Schiller, Koby Shapiro, Hector Sinclair, Liam Slabber, Aksel Soerensen, Kevin Sohn, Connor Sprague, Anthony Stamell, Finnbar Stenmark, Jasper Stockley, Ethan Tan, Zheng Tang, Tobias Tasker, Nikolas Ternezis, Charlie Thaxter, John Tsakiris, Joshua Turner, James Ulm, James Walker, Daniel Walters, Daniel Wang, George Wang, Lyric Wang, Zenith Wang, Hunter Wardman, Finbar Watson, George Weston, Michael Whelan, Max Whillas, Nicholas Woollard, Matthew Worden, Samuel Worthington, Harry Xu, Christopher Xuereb. 

This year merits came from a wide range of courses including:

Ancient History, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Design and Technology, Drama, Earth and Environmental Science, Economics, English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, English as a Second Language, Geography, Legal Studies, Mathematics General, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2, Modern History, History Extension, Music 1, Music 2, Music Extension, PDHPE, Physics, Visual Arts, French Continuers, French Extension 1, Japanese Continuers, Latin Continuers, and Latin Extension.

Ajay Murugasu was one of the youngest candidates in NSW in the 2 Unit Mathematics and Mathematics Extension 1 courses, and has achieved top band (90%+) in both courses.