2007 Five-Year Reunion

Posted: 5 September, 2012

On Saturday, August 25, the class of 2007 gathered for the first of what will be many reunions. This one, the five-year event, took place in Wallaby Bar at Darling Harbour, and given the impressive turnout of at least seventy people, it was clear that little of the enthusiasm and spirit of our final school year had died down in the intervening half-decade.

Many of us were conscious of the fact that this reunion was occurring at a time of great transition in our lives: the ‘limbo’ between our post-school tertiary hangover and our reluctant steps towards joining the ‘real world’ of work and responsibility. Interestingly, the majority of young men present remained firmly in the former mindset than in the latter. There is still time, it seems, for degree changes, for postgraduate study, and for training opportunities overseas. The wide world can wait.

While the school uniforms had been replaced (though there were several pale blue collared shirts in attendance — merely coincidental, no doubt), little had changed in their former wearers. Many memories and laughs were shared and life updates proffered, and there was already a sense of anticipation that the tenor of those updates would be even more exciting in a further five years’ time. Until then, our lives outside Cranbrook’s walls continue.

Lyndon Goddard (2007)